New enclosure design

A project log for UV Lightbox

Digitally controlled UV lightbox for PCB manufacturing

sufSUF 07/02/2015 at 03:430 Comments

I almost finished the design of the new enclosure. I've turned the lighting boards from the bottom to the top, added two drawers. The upper one keep the board during the processing, the lower one is just a drawer for copper clad boards - I'll store them there.

Now I have to disassemble this design into its components to be able to manufacture. The question what I can't answer right now, if I'll cut the pieces myself, or order it somewhere.

On the side I redesigned the display PCB. I hated the original one, but when I worked on this project (long time ago), just left it as is.

The new is much better layout, not so tiny pads what is almost impossible to solder, more space between, the buttons, etc.