Time to start building

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A heavier duty 3D printer that replaces 3 machines

samernsamern 08/25/2014 at 17:040 Comments

After quite a bit of delay, and a vacation, it's time to start building.  Just about all the parts to build V2 are here and so I am moving forward.  All metal extruder, all metal frame, all metal everything.  And....a Rasberry Pi running Grbl.  Oh yes.  Web accessible, fully networked AND a built in camera.  What's not to like?  It does look like I will be using Teacup though rather than Repetier.  I will be incorporating the GrblPi and either keeping the heatbed and hot end externally controlled, or make some changes to the GrblPi to control the heating elements.  In any case, the bed is stationary in V2 and everything else moves around it (flying gantry style).