Letting out the magic smoke.

A project log for The ides of DEFCON: An Unofficial Electronic Badge

A wearable hardware badge, featuring blinky lights, sound, a sub-1Ghz radio, games, and more. Based on the Freescale KW01.

John AdamsJohn Adams 12/09/2016 at 23:280 Comments

We had two boards, functioning and talking to each other for a grand total of two hours.

I somehow managed to cook the OpenSDA chip on my board, making the entire board non-functional. A $200 mistake. Now we wait for a Digikey shipment. Siiiiigh.

However, with the one remaining board and around 20-30 hours of work I've managed to write a fair chunk of the game.

Here you can see the radio default packet handler actually receiving data from both badges and the beacon transmissions from the badges. that other junk in the packet is the user's stats, like level, hit points, and other game related stats.