Second Build

A project log for SquareVoice

A touch and eye controlled communication system with ease of use as the paramount goal.

Mike TurveyMike Turvey 10/03/2016 at 06:430 Comments

This eye gaze setup has been working really well for us. Having a good commercial mount that's really easy to reposition has been critical. Running a higher end processor that's really responsive also is a HUGE boon for usability. It's been so successful at home, that I've made a second one to send to school with my daughter. The picture below is not great, but you can see the custom cart that it's mounted on. I was pretty confident that the school wouldn't take kindly to running lag bolts into their wall for a wall mount. So I instead built a mount out of steel conduit and adapters from the hardware store. I'm really happy with how that turned out. It's easily durable enough to take a beating from other kids in the class-- even if they climb all over the steel cart, it won't have any issue.

Also, the feedback we've received from the school is that they find the SquareVoice application notably easier to use than the commercial software on other AAC devices for other kids in the class. Big plus for usability! I am so glad that I built this system.