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Reshaping the Internet Access into a Cooperative Utility

tlankford01tlankford01 06/15/2014 at 18:020 Comments

I have been thinking about this project for some time.  I have already been living off grid with solar electric and water heat.  I have rainwater catchment in place around my house and property.  Being self sufficient is already on my mind.  The part that none of us really want to give up is technology.  When people ask me how I live the way I do, I tell them that I have two big screen TV's and high speed internet.  It makes for a good statement that we are able to live a perfectly modern life while freeing our selves of corporate rule through consumerism.  I have not had cable or satellite TV for several years and our family has never been happier.  One major tie that we still have is internet service.  We have had CLEAR wireless internet since it was introduced in our area in 2007.  That is actually the time that we divorced ourselves from the cable company.  The problem now is that small corporation CLEAR has now been swallowed by behemoth corporation Sprint.

In the past year we have all been made acutely aware that our government has been trying to infiltrate our personal privacy at a scale unprecedented in modern society.  Corporations, like Verizon and Comcast are trying to attack the openness and affordability of the internet.  This leads me to the conclusion that it is time that we built a peoples net.  I think a combinations of tor proxy access point and long range wifi mesh networks such as those that can be built with Ubiquiti are an opening salvo in making this available to the masses.  Later projects could include cubesat networks and other innovative solutions.  Thank you for following and if you want to collaborate on this project, just give me a shout.