connecting Deye SUN800 PV-Inverters

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A DIY smart home system the SCADA way...

stefanschnitzerstefan.schnitzer 03/22/2023 at 21:051 Comment

I recently installed a 4kWp PV-System ( 10 Panels connected to 5 Microinverters)

Naturally, I wanted to connect it all to my Smarthome. But the Modbus-TCP Interface of the Inverters (Deye SUN800) is not working for me. After browsing GitHub, I stumbled upon a solution ( to connect the web server of the inverter-data-logger.  The web interface provides all necessary data like current power production, daily production, total production and fault codes. It works by logging into the web page via node-red and parsing the content for the needed data. After some filtering, the data is passed on to influx db (for grafana) and my smart home PLC via MQTT.

Now my smart home "knows" when "free" electricity is available and can switch on the car charger or the heat pump. 


flausen wrote 06/05/2023 at 19:34 point

Moin, unfortunately I fail to convert the data in the function after the "Search for webdata" in the upper branch. How do I have to formulate it so that I can read the current power there (webdata_now_p ?). 

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