New glove, new capacitive sensors, and Windows compatible!

A project log for Hands|On - Human computer interface glove

Hands|On is a smart glove that allows you to interact with ANYTHING using hand gestures!

Bhavesh Kakwani 10/20/2017 at 21:130 Comments

Three huge updates in one day! I finally got busy on the project again, because I signed up for a tech fair event that's happening tomorrow in Brampton, Ontario. Never underestimate the power of a deadline on moving your project forward!

First, I took everything off of the old, ripped-up glove. Then I de-soldered the existing wires on the 'capacitive touch sensors' (pieces of copper tape) and got rid of both the wires and the sensors; the wires were too stiff and the copper sensors were battered up. I replaced them with fresh new pieces of copper tape and new stranded wire instead of the normal stiff single-core wire. This is because the stranded wire is much more flexible, leading to less/no chance of the copper tape snapping off of the wire:

Soldering stranded wires onto perf-board
The flexible stranded wires are blue, old stiff wires are red

After all the new wire and copper tape was soldered on, it was time to test things out using the Hands|On GUI. After a small session of downloading the missing Python libraries on my Windows machine, I was able to run the application on Windows! See the GUI in action:

Hands|On GUI on Windows
The Hands|On GUI running on Windows

And check out the new glove!:

New Glove, No Rips
Fresh new glove with no rips or exposed fingertips