A project log for Pretty Useless Machine

Fling the thing with a catapult, find it, bring it back, repeat.

Mike RigsbyMike Rigsby 09/20/2016 at 18:490 Comments

High on the list of challenges was designing a "thing" that would land upright and be capable of being grabbed by a claw. Once I started, several things were created.

Two particular creatures took on a Halloween mode.

Full details can be found here, and the print files are included on this site.

The less attractive, but more workable (for the moment--who knows what I'll end up with) "thing" starts with a few 3d printed pieces and four US nickels.

Place the nickels in the bottom piece (printed at 85% scale and 100% fill).

Add the plug (printed at 100% fill).

Take the long rod (printed at 10% fill on a raft) and place it inside the rings (printed at 10% fill). Melt the rod to the rings using a soldering iron (or glue with superglue).

Melt (or glue) the top to the bottom.

This "thing" will always land rod side up.