Nixie Clock Kit Finally Here!

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Andrew LeeAndrew Lee 11/15/2016 at 21:510 Comments

Hey guys! It's me Gilgamesh. I just got the main components of the Nixie Clock portion. I ordered the NCS314 Adruino Shield Nixie Clock kit from GRA & AFCH on ebay on October 29 of this year, and Just received it today. I also had to buy a Adruino board (I settled with ELEGOO's Arduino board because it was $10 cheaper than the "official" board and had very positive reviews) from Amazon, which arrived in 2 days (so you can imagine the anticipation I had for receiving the rest of the clock).

The only issue I see is that the kit does not seem fully compatable with the board i bought and one of the screws does not screw on

However, this is not so so much of an issue because I was able superglue the end of a ballpoint pen plastic core to the corner so all 4 corners of the clock had support.

However, I have been trying to get a 12V 1A power source separately to power the Arduino board (which in turn, powers the clock), but got ripped off by an Amazon 3rd party vendor. (Note to my readers: Buying a component in the section labeled "Often bought together" does not always guarantee the product listed is a legit product, so please beware). However, Since the Bed vibrator must also be powered by a 12V 1A current, I plan to just use the same breadboard powering scheme that I will use to power the bed shaker in order to power the nixie clock as well.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Nixie Kit as well as the shipping time (it shipped all the way from Ukraine and it only too 2 weeks! The marvels of modern transportation never ceases to amaze me.)