UI Portion of the Project Complete

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Andrew LeeAndrew Lee 11/27/2016 at 19:140 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So over the course of this week (Since I had some time off from school), I finished the Web UI Portion of the Project.

Here is a working model of the web server that will run on the Pi: WebUI

It is a express node.js server that serves an html form file initially. Then the client side javascript modifies the values in the html form to match that of the 4 configuration JSON files. Then if the user submits the form with different values, the web server edits the JSON files, then reloads the page.

Running on the iPad, the website looks like this:

Read more about it here: Github For Atom Clock UI

In other news, I have been steadily working on wiring up the components. I have figured out that I have everything I need, I just need to read more about the Ll293D motor driver (I've fried 3 already! LOL), which will be a struggle because hardware was never my strongsuite. However, I think I am close and I will update you guys as soon as I finish this part.

Finally, Afch from GRA & AFCH Industries has been helping me modify their Arduino Sketch to include Serial USB communication functionality to display when an alarm is set, or unset. I will be incorporating this into my project, and will keep you guys updated as soon as I get working parts of it done.

Thanks for staying tuned.