Raspberry Pi: Gaming Console

I'll be using three single-board computers and two tablets for wireless controllers.

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The project will consist of two monitors, three Raspberry Pi boards (the newest version with the additional quad-core processor...), and two inexpensive tablets (Bluetooth is essential for the controllers...). It would be kind of like a high-end gaming setup but just in appearance, the overall cost, well, very affordable (around $700...) give or take.

The machine will be rebuilt with a new adjustable encasement, the reason for the overall cost increase (from the original $500...) and the updated processor replacement. There are a vast selection of customizable design differences, I'm going with liquid cooling (though made for pro gaming desktops...) the changes will be heading into more high-end development which will require must needed upgrades in parts. Though the Rasp-Pi doesn't need this kind of cooling some of the other installations may need additional cooling preventing overheating.

For the most part have the console encasement almost done, a few adjustments should have it down to a science. The next assignment is to get Bluetooth up and functioning coinciding with the boards and tablet controllers. The only obstacle that I see is that keeping Bluetooth's signal strong and not tampering off every few minutes. 

  • 2 × Gaming Tablets Wireless Controllers
  • 5 × Raspberry Pi Boards Act as an Internal Server
  • 1 × Reconfigured Alienware Console Encasement
  • 1 × 500GB External Backup Hardrive
  • 4 × Small Monitors

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