Diagramming the circuit

A project log for Circuit Knitting

Machine knit working circuit boards from downloadable digital patterns

Jesse SeayJesse Seay 08/14/2014 at 17:440 Comments

In order to share circuit patterns, this really needs a method of superimposing a circuit diagram over a knitting chart. I'm thinking Fritzing would be a good way to go. I've never designed a part for Fritzing before, but I've got a pretty good sense of how the part would need to work:

- Users should be able to define the stitch height and width (like defining the size of your breadboard)

- There should be a default stitch pattern grid, that allows you to easily erase/create stitches as you create your board.

- You can place components on the chart, and they will "click" into place.

That's the basics. What would make it completely awesome:

- You could define the size of the stitches, to create an "actual size" diagram that will allow you to see how the components will fit into the space.

- You could export the knitted pattern only:

-- as a graph (for hand knitters)

-- as a b/w bitmap with 1 pixel = 1 stitch, to make it easy to upload to a hacked knitting machine