ULTRA color, a small board with full-color OLED

This is a Arduino compatible (AVR, ATmega1284P) board with full-color OLED!

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I've made several "Arduino Mini" form factor board, which all have OLED display but monochrome and very tiny. Just showing digit, they are enough but showing image and colourful interface, tiny monochrome is not enough. This time I made a 96x64 pixel full-color OLED display embedded mini MCU board. This board, ULTRA color has micro-SD card slot and USB interface through FTDI chip. I think, everything is in one!

I have made board with tiny OLED display, based on SSD1306. SSD1306 has embedded voltage up-converter and just putting capacitor is enough and it is quite handy. But, I guess, all color OLED chip, like SSD1331, 1332, ... does not have up-converter and we have to prepare high voltage (12V) for driving.

In the schematic, right-top part is a switching up-converter from 3.3 V to 12 V. Actually for USB bus drive operation, voltage is converted from 5.0 V to 3.3 V to 12 V because not always 5.0 V is available.

So, as a power supply, ULTRA color work with

(case a) 5.0 V drive, applying between 5V and GND terminal on board

(case b) USB bus drive. 5V is provided from USB

(case c) 3.3 V drive, applying between VC and GN terminals on board

In any case, system voltage is 3.3 V (ATmega1284P runs at 3.3 V/16 MHz)

For programming purpose,

CS of OLED: D8
D/C of OLED: D10

CS of micro SD: D4

those are enough for program. The OLED display can work with SSD_13XX library written by SUMOTOY

For example,
#include <SPI.h>
#include <SSD_13XX.h>

#define __CS1 	8
#define __DC 	10
#define __RST 9

SSD_13XX tft1 = SSD_13XX(__CS1, __DC,__RST);

are the description for OLED driving.

Actual operation can be found in the following movie. As same, I have a plan to sell this board at stay tune if you have some interest!

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