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A common hardware, software and 3D printed module to enable fun, educational robots anyone can print and program.

Tim WilkinsonTim Wilkinson 09/30/2018 at 23:480 Comments
Today, what is probably the last part of the development environment landed; the network configuration tab. Ignoring my excellent visual design skills as demonstrated above, the Network tab allows configuration of the three networks supported by the module:

By default the AP network is the one you might use to first configure the board as the network name is visible to any WiFi scanner and the password is well known. From there you might reconfigure that network, or connect the module to your local network (which just makes everything a little easier for later development).

The ethernet configuration defaults to serving addresses to whatever connects to it; ideal for just plugging directly into the ethernet port on a laptop. However, it the address is switched to DHCP it will instead act like any other client device on a shared network, soliciting an address from your local DHCP server.