It works! Sort of!

A project log for A Super Capacitor Pulsed Power 24V DC Supply

A power supply for the soon to come 200W+ AA Battery Electric Bicycle

David ScholtenDavid Scholten 10/30/2016 at 05:020 Comments

Many compromises were made in the name of convenience

Power ratings, wireless relays, complex logic between the switches, charging from the back EMF generation of the motor - These things are gone. Once you sit down in a lab with only the parts you have, the tools you have and limited time, you need to choose what you are actually going to use this box for.

To summarise what's left:

Power flows from the batteries (5-10 AAs) and into the boost/buck converter that then chargers the supercapacitors with a constant 0.6-0.8A. These banks of super caps are balanced by two parallel balance boards. The output of these caps then goes to 7 boost converters connected in parallel that then connects to the output. Of course, all of the switches and panel meters for displaying the status of everything important remain.

On top we can see the wrapped super capacitor bank, which is sitting on the 7 boost converters in the 3d printed holder. The boost/buck converter is floating freely wrapped in black tape: