Hardware Option #1

A project log for Little Man Computer Trainer

This is a low power pocket computer trainer for the Little Man Computer (LMC) computer model

Chris ChungChris Chung 04/27/2018 at 12:250 Comments

I am trying different hardware designs. This one design I might adapt is from a "basic" trainer project that I started and not finished.

This PCB design has all components on one side of the PCB. It also contains some extra IO options for the user to experience with. The exposed components will be attractive to a kit builder / hardware person. And it may not be ideal for an everyday carry pocket device.

This design full-fills the LMC trainers input and output requirements, plus extra

The little man computer instructions 901 (INP) and 902 (OUT) accepts input from the keys and output mailbox values to the 7 segment displays. An ideal is to introduce additional IO instructions, say 9xx for additional IO components. Ex. We can have 903 for input via ADC channel 1 (hookup to a light sensor), 904 as output to a 8 bit LED display.

This will allow more hardware elements to interact w/ the LMC language.

There are additional designs that I need to try out before fixing into the final.