Smart Kitchen. Wise Kitchen.

A project log for Wise Kitchen Initiative; Novitiate Candy Cooker

The wise kitchen helps individuals with different capabilities meet their dietary goals

Bill SmithBill Smith 04/22/2018 at 20:510 Comments

Although a smart kitchen will cook food quickly and effortlessly, a wise kitchen is more resilient. Rather than enabling the optimal afternoon snack, a wise kitchen helps cook food quietly and effectively.  It can consult the diners when the menu for dinner is uncertain.The wise kitchen has a general understanding of the household's needs.

In the small, the wise kitchen would be able to suggest recipes for a meal. By knowing the contents of the pantry, the wise kitchen could prefer recipes that only need what's available. The kitchen would notice the home-owner's eating patterns and could help make that stir-fry again. When asked, the wise kitchen would be aware of the family's habits and suggest variations or new dishes.

When the cook is ready, the wise stove would help make dinner just so. For breakfast, the quick oatmeal and raisin dish could be enhanced by almonds. Easy and practical would be just as important as on-time and fitting the perfect weight loss plan.

A smart kitchen might demand that the diet be optimally balanced. A wise kitchen would assist a person to follow their chosen diet.

Above all else, the wise kitchen would be adaptable. A wise kitchen would handle the transition away from a traditional kitchen smoothly. Rather than requiring infrastructure and networking, the wise kitchen would be modular, easily repaired and competitive with smart apps and their siloed data stores.

Although a smart kitchen can promise to offer much, the wise kitchen merely offers to help you find a solution to your all-too-common cooking problem.