Novitiate Candy Cooking Pot

A project log for Wise Kitchen Initiative; Novitiate Candy Cooker

The wise kitchen helps individuals with different capabilities meet their dietary goals

Bill SmithBill Smith 04/23/2018 at 02:450 Comments

In exploring the wise kitchen concept, my real-world project will be a candy cooking pot. The candy maker would understand the chemistry of cooking candies and how different forms of sugar change with temperature.

A Novitiate candy maker monitors the temperature and energy flows for a recipe so that I can reach the "hard crack" and "soft ball" stages with digital precision. Of course, it will also let me learn first-hand how to make candy.

The smart candy maker would have two modes of operation. First, it would replicate existing recipe patterns. Once the recipes are developed, I should be able to make salt-water taffy, caramels and peanut brittle effortlessly. The Novitiate would allow me to explore different cooking formulas and develop new candies.

As I move toward the goal of creating a wise stove, the prototype will also explore user interface design.

I hope that the cooker could be used by confectioners to develop new products. I might locate a local candy factory that would give me some lessons. Finding a "beta tester" would be awesome once I get far enough along.

A mature product developed from the Novitiate would work with small batches and be reasonably priced. The system will be a success when it does not make a mess too easily.

I'll be ecstatic if I find some way to satisfy my sweet tooth without needing to let out my jeans.