System Interface and Sub-Panel

A project log for Flood Fault Circuit Interrupter

Automate the local disconnection of electrical services during a flood. Enhance the safety of existing residential and commercial systems.

JonJon 04/23/2018 at 09:140 Comments

The security panel keypad acts as the primary system interface. Audio alerts are available via the keypad and statuses are displayed both for individual switches as well as for the warning, fault, and flooding outputs designated for the FFCI system.

Any individual switch which is either activated or faulted (wire is open circuit) will be identified using a visual alert. A warning status is communicated with a visual alert in addition to an audio alarm when any three (3) of six (6) float switches are activated. This does not remove the system from power. Additionally, a special fault status is defined when the three topmost float switches are activated but the three bottom float switches remain inactive. Lastly, when any four (4) or more of the six (6) total switches are activated the flooding status will be made active which includes both audiovisual alerts as well as an alarm communication to the shunt trip which disconnects the circuit demonstrated by the light bulb.