Sensor Hardware Complete!

A project log for HERO Sensor

H.E.R.O. (Hazardous Environment RecOnnaissance) Sensor

Will Lynt IIIWill Lynt III 05/15/2018 at 17:430 Comments

I've completed and mounted the actual Sensor (the center and purpose of this entire project).  Two new pics in the gallery show it - one of the front and one of the rear.  Note that I also placed the remote control in these pics since I realized I omitted pics of that (not that it is at all integral to the project).

On the front side of the HERO, you'll find the FLIR, the VL53L1X distance sensor and the IR temperature sensor.  These three devices sense "downrange" so of course they had to be front-facing.

The rear of the HERO holds the environmental sensors.  These monitor conditions in the the immediate area so they can really be mounted anywhere.

The package is mounted to a Pan & Tilt so we can search independently of the robot to which we're mounted.  The idea being HERO can look around, pinpoint a target and provide coordinates in 3D space to the robot (azimuth in degrees, altitude in degrees and distance in mm).  Then the robot can use it's own obstacle-avoidance sensors to navigate in the direction of the target.