You want change the speed of the actuator?

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Jonathan DíazJonathan Díaz 08/13/2018 at 16:570 Comments

What will happen if you want to change the speed of the actuator? Sometimes we need to control some factors of our design for some types of applications, simplifying it could be said: changing the engine is the correct way, but we have found another way.

Whith modifying the steps of the screw can get good results, this can be done from the model. How? for many the answer is obvious but we will show how to do it with the designs we have made and are available for download.

In the Files section there is a file called Piston, this is available in various formats, We work in Autodesk Fusion 360, thus the instructions are made for this application but can also be used for help in other software. Changing the steps of the screw causes it turn faster or less quickly, in the post the screw have a five revolutions in the coil function so with other value the result would look like this

Also you have a change the piston in the same file,

If you want more details with how to do it, go to instructions section there are a step by step of the process.