Update on the silica gel

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Giovanni LealGiovanni Leal 08/15/2018 at 22:430 Comments

So, remember when we said to all of you that you should put your filaments on a box with the biggest bag of silica gel that you could find? 

About that... DON'T DO IT!

Really bad advise and sorry about that. The silica gel has a limit of water that can absorb and we are on a shared office space with full blown air conditioner, the silica disolved itself and became an oily liquid. This was all over our filaments and when it gets on the gear of the printer extruder, it grinds.... so a lot of unfinished prints.

The solution, we cleaned out all of it and replace it with rice.

Once every two weeks we take it out and let it rest on the sun. This happens because we dont have a lot of rotation on some filaments so....

However take this advise with a grain of salt( no pun intended), its working and we will keep you posted.