How to print the actuator

A project log for 3D printed mini linear actuator

Need a mini linear actuator that is easy to print and implement in your robotics DIY projects? We got you

Giovanni LealGiovanni Leal 08/23/2018 at 14:280 Comments


So we have been asked how to print the actuator because theirs keeps breaking.

To address this concern we have uploaded the profile file from Cura in the file section(Perfilimrpresion.curaprofile) for you to implement it. Fare in mind that this configuration is with a 0.3 tip in a 30x30x30cms printer, you may want to adjust that.

It's in spanish but you'll get it.

Also two things, first we are thinking about redesigning the actuator in a way that yeah it will have like 5 cables BUT!!! it will be like so much slim so you can choose what works better for you.

Second thing, we have been invited to participate at the World Maker Faire. Like for 3 minutes in a panel but we tink its great! When we get more details we will share them with you.