single stage to orbit space plane

this is the game changer a open source space craft for humanity this is not just a piece of hardware its a new open source movement and a ??

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this is the start of a home built real space craft that opens space up to the common man and disrupters the global geopolitical system the established space industry and military industrial complex and jump starts true space exploration and colonization and the advancement of the human race

so is this guy kidding hell no so you want to build a spaceship and blast your ass off in to outer space and your not elon musk or even close to being in the billionaire boys club you don't even have a million bucks stuffed under your mattress even mentioning it mite get you sent to the cu cu farm at least to the halls of crack pots but can it be done by the dedicated home builder I think so yes in deed so lets get down to business This design is not a definitive plan all of these will be one offs using materiel's at hand the uses and flight geometry's and building methods that the builder is comfortable with. the whole design concept is modular and adaptable the plane consists of a lifting body fuselage reentry vehicle where most of the internal volume is fuel tank built in three section's with the main center built in Monique construction for ease of build with two outer sections molded in high temp polymer. with a folding canard wing pack on top.


    starlord05/01/2018 at 16:08 0 comments

    hi  I started this project as a companion project to my single stage to orbit ultra lite space plane project because I can foresee it getting filled up and maxed out very quickly and I wanted a separate forum to expand on what I already got and use this project as a portal to get more people involved I have been talking to a lot of people of late and have been getting a lot of enthusiasm from some of the biggest players in the field im really surprised when anyone even returns my e mail let a lone some of these groups but this isn't about the big shots in the aerospace industry its about you average people interested in space who can realistically go there in the not to distant future so this sites for you the people ready to make it happen NOW.            

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