Smaller PSOC4 Brushless Actuator Controller

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A high speed and high torque robotic actuator using low-cost brushless motors, custom controller, 3D printed parts and bearings.

Paul GouldPaul Gould 01/15/2020 at 14:314 Comments

Smaller form factor with on-board magnetic encoder

1KW Peak 8S (34V @ 30A)

JLC just completed PCB manufacture (DHL shipping 4-5days)

PSOC4 SOC (CY8C4247AZI-L485)

Smart MOSFET Driver DRV8305 with three Current sensors

6x SIR638ADP-T1-RE3 40V 0.88 mOhms PowerPAK SO-8

3x 1mOhms with Kelvin Terminals 

Centre Mounted AS5147 (or AS5047/48) Absolute Magnetic Encoder 14-Bit

5V @ 600mA Regulator

MOSFET Temperature Monitor

External Temperature Sensor Connector

Voltage Monitor

CAN 2.0B



I2C Qwiic (For OLED Display)

External SPI (single/Dual) Absolute Encoder Connector

Programmer Connector

2x Servo Outputs or 2x Analog Inputs

4 spare IO

Back of Board

Strip of Ceramics or two Electros

New Logo

Tightly couple Half Bridge


Larock1234 wrote 01/15/2020 at 22:57 point

Any chances of buying a few of these?

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Paul Gould wrote 01/16/2020 at 13:59 point

I'm not sure yet. Let me make and test a few prototypes. The PSOC4 is not an easy system to use. I will sell/open source these though

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de∫hipu wrote 01/15/2020 at 14:39 point

That is a pretty dense packing of components, especially all the connectors. Good job!

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Paul Gould wrote 01/15/2020 at 14:41 point

Thanks. The aim was to make it single sided to make mass production easier/cheaper (if it's good enough)

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