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Michael GrahamMichael Graham 06/02/2018 at 07:250 Comments

Continuing from last weeks log I have thought about how to best share the 3d models for this work. 

 I think since there are many applications of these modular components, each with their own instructions, that they are best shared as their own separate projects on HackaDay. (See end of this post for more new application pics!)

Along that same line of thinking I believe that the small sub assemblies should each have their own project identity as well. This will make following & reproducing the body of work the easiest.

 But for now my time is limited so I simply uploaded a compressed folder containing some of the accessories that go with the linear actuator module, as well as a STEP file (universally importable 3d model) of the actuator assembly itself.

Seen below top left are special mounts that clip onto an arduino nano without the need or screws and they hold bluetooth & sd card modules.  going CCw is a gripper, an ultrasonic sensor mount, a flexible joint, a hard 90 deg joint, and an assembly tool for pressing the servo horn on.

I'll leave off with a neat picture of a laser turret I just finished up. It does not contain the linear actuator, but the components of this turret are compatible with the actuator mounting pattern so all the pieces could be used together to make something else! 

The hinged joints in the turret shown below are also designed to be robust, rigid, and easy to 3D print like the actuator.