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A project log for Sawppy the Rover

Motorized model of Mars rovers Curiosity, Mars 2020 For Under $500

RogerRoger 08/23/2019 at 07:481 Comment

For Sawppy Builders Page 1 click here.

Steve (jetdillo)

I met Steve at Maker Faire Bay Area 2019 in May, where he showed me pictures of a few of his Sawppy parts. It is now August 2019 and his Sawppy is mechanically complete. Steve is a HomeBrew Robotics member like Marco, and the new rover is neon green to distinguish from Marco's neon yellow Sawppy.

In terms of modifications, Steve is adopting Marco's faster wheel drive motors, and instead of cutting drive shafts from metal Steve has printed his from NylonX. It'll be interesting to see if that material is strong enough for the job!

See more details at Steve's YASP (Yet Another Sawppy Project) page.

Leif Sorgule

Leif is teaching a robotics course for high school students and he thought Sawppy might be an interesting team project for the class. The class will start with the Arduino control option, given cost and learning resources available for Arduino. It'll be fun to see what the students dream up for their own Sawppy modifications.

... and more rovers still yet to come!


Steve wrote 09/23/2019 at 20:41 point

I've actually made an official build-page for my Sawppy-alike now. You can find it here:

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