Monday, April 30th

A project log for Distance-sensing glasses

Glasses that warn the user when walking towards an obstacle via sound.

louise.salaunlouise.salaun 06/13/2018 at 19:270 Comments

  We started this class by drawing a prototype of the glasses, to help us visualise the placement of each component.  We then searched for ways to connect earphones to an arduino, and how we could send sound through these earphones using the arduino. We realised that using earphones would require much more components, such as many resistors. Using more components is complicated for this project, because everything has to fit on the glasses’ frame without bothering the person wearing them.

We decided to use piezo buzzers instead, which will allow the sound signal to be heard by other people (not only the person wearing the glasses). It might be less practical but it is easier to build.

We also soldered pins to the arduino; as we can’t use a breadboard for this project (due to space limitations), we will be soldering every pieces with each other.

We informed ourselves on how to use a piezo buzzer, and we searched for different programs we then compared to each other.

We didn’t receive many components we ordered yet, so we spend the rest of the session experimenting with the Arduino Pro Micro. We had never used it before, so we needed to get used to it.