nrf24lu1: Up & running

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nrf24l01 over-the-air bootloader for different microcontrollers

necromantNecromant 09/14/2014 at 09:530 Comments

nrf24lu1 usb sticks just arrived yesterday! So far I already threw up an SPI programming app of my own called nrfdude (uses uISP, the same firmware uISP-flashrog does:

As you might guess, it's loosely based on nrfprog by JoseJX@github, although I had to rewrite 90% of the code from scratch (It used buspirate only - and not in the most portable fasion). The reason number one - I put my buspirate somewhere far and couldn't find it. Anyways, nrfdude is designed with multiple SPI adaptors supported, so you can easily hack in your favourite one.

Achievement number 2 - nrf24lu1 is now a supported target by antares (experimental branch) and nrfdude is a valid deployment target. No big problems there - I just borrowed the C header from crazyradio and I could blink the led happily. 

However, bigger problems are along the way - USB. If I hadn't seen fiberchannel and a handful of other stuff with even more weird specs, I'd say USB is worst. 

It does look like the time has come for antares to have a proper USB device framework.