Vision - A Smarty Blind Stick

Basically to help blind people to move wherever they want with any another support and can move to another Places through Maps

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This stick will help blind people to move more frequently where they want to go without any other external Support. Not only it will help move but this stick also have potential to direct them to different places through Google Maps. This is stick is connected with android with Bluetooth connectivity and work on voice commands. First it will tell the person if there is any project or not and next it will ask person he/she want to go somewhere or not if the distance between the current location and destination is more than 10 Km then it will also ask to book cab through which it will be more easier for people to move to different places. It also have and Led which work according to light sensitivity which is useful in dark for other people to know there is someone ahead who is coming and make sure that there should not be any collision.

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