A Quick Summary


Vortigaunt Head Badge that is shiny and bright.

twinkletwinkieTwinkleTwinkie 05/29/2018 at 18:350 Comments

I will have 40ish boards available at DEF CON 26.  This is my second board revision but to be honest if I was okay with scrapping the entirety of my second run I would have done a third.   I misspelled my own damned twitter handle for Christ's sake!

My original prototype didn't use a copper fill.  I did this on purpose to make sure I understood the circuit.  In the second revision, and subsequent projects, I by default design everything with a copper fill for proper grounding.   In my second revision, other than typos, I could have removed the Resistor but in my hubris I decided it still needed it when in reality it didn't.  The battery life is significantly better without it and the LEDs can handle the current without issue.

To be honest before I finished the second revision I seriously considered scrapping this entire project and redoing it as a Shitty Add-on.  I ultimately followed through because I felt the need to make my own badge.  It's not nearly as elaborate as most other Indie Badges but I think the art work on the badge is fairly unique among other badges.   That's the luxury of only needing one layer to accomplish your simple circuit.

Multiple lessons learned from this project has carried over to subsequent projects and I intend to share a few of those lessons with everyone via YouTube video or a Stream, something along those lines.

I added a picture of the original inkscape mock up for my intentions with the badge.  I some saved over or misplaced the final version.  Sometime down the road I'll share more details about the artwork.