Assembling modules

A project log for ELM

Electromagnetic Lifting Module

mileMile 06/02/2018 at 20:250 Comments

Depending on the system requirements module will be mounted horizontally or vertically. This will be achieved with custom designed holders that can be printed.

Holders were printed with PLA/PHA filament and 0,1 mm layer height (thicker layers can be used). Print time with 0.1 mm layers is about two hours for vertical and one hour for horizontal holder. No supports are needed.

Short video that shows testing of ELM. Module is tested by lifting object weighing 1 kg. Test showed that for that task module consumes 380 mW of power. Only 220 mW of power is needed to lift the load. Remaining 160 mW is used by LEDs and proximity sensor. If power consumption is an issue LEDs and sensor can be omitted.