Building instructions for m-BITBEAM

A project log for m-BITBEAM construction set

m-BITBEAM is a 3D printed construction set based on the Bitbeam concept including some additional parts like wheels, holders, boxes, etc.

Tomas FeltlTomas Feltl 06/05/2018 at 14:190 Comments

To make it possible to use the kit in education, education materials are necessary (ideally with methodics :-)). A necessary part of these materials are building instructions. We are giving you the basic set of the m-Bitbeam parts for construction of models/manuals in SW like LDraw, MLCad, LPub, … to give you the opportunity to make these "manuals". The parts are available in the DAT format. You can download them anytime you want start creating models and building instructions. We have placed everything into the repository on GitHub, for easier maintenance and cooperation in developing new parts.