3) Prototyping

A project log for Optimote | Bio-Adaptive Media Controller

This devices aims to optimize screen time experience by adapting music and video media elements in real time based on heart data

Donovan M.Donovan M. 07/02/2018 at 15:300 Comments


I first acquired the parts needed.

VLC Desktop (Media Player App)1$0.00
Magnetic Breakaway USB Cable1$4.00
Casing (from 2 AAA battery holder)1$1.00
SPDT Slide Switch1$1.00
Optical Pulse Sensor1$4.00
Pro Micro Arduino Compatible Board1$5.00

After acquiring the components needed, the next step was to prototype the hardware and code that comprises the device.

Every evening over several days, I drafted the code to implement the previous algorithms. I did get stuck at one point and needed debugging assistance, but my friend Timm Carson worked with me for an hour and we fixed all the bugs. The main issue was a reason for nerdly laughter. - In the code, I had called out a non-existent pin on the Microcontroller.

This circuit is simply:

There are a few dependencies at this moment which are listed below.

I soldered together the device and composed a schematic. Shown below are photos of the prototype and schematic.

The footprint of the device itself is 1" x 1.5" x 0.35" so the case needed to have a slot cut for the switch to fit out. I used a dremel to cut the holes needed. It looks much better after being wrapped in tape, which adds the advantage of blocking light from the pulse sensor.

The next task will be testing in small scale till it is working well enough to schedule larger scale user testing.