5) App Development

A project log for Optimote | Bio-Adaptive Media Controller

This devices aims to optimize screen time experience by adapting music and video media elements in real time based on heart data

Donovan M.Donovan M. 07/16/2018 at 13:260 Comments

Over the past several evenings, I have developed a standalone web app to replace the VLC media player component of the Optimote project. Check out the video below for a demo.

 Calm mode and thrill mode work well, but I plan to eventually evolve this into a more general purpose tool to adapt media and UI elements on the web browser or across an OS, not just media player apps.   User testing will be helpful to gather feedback in both raw bio-data and user feedback forms in order to assess and add more features the technology.   In my country collecting health data such as the heart rate data requires a waiver to be signed and I will have to compose such a legal form in order to test optimote with additional demographics.

You can see a working online version of the web app at this link: optimote web app

With the physical optimote sensor connected to the web app, you can load video media and program it graphically to react to a user's heart bio data.  There is a button that generates an csv spreadsheet containing the raw biodata, which can be analyzed and graphed to further evaluate and improve optimote.