Hardware decisions (FPGA, or Z8S180 CPU?)

A project log for DEXT Meteor:

The DEXT Meteor is a powerful and small FPGA computer with a unique OS.

dylan-brophyDylan Brophy 06/19/2018 at 19:180 Comments

The idea of the DEXT meteor is to create an easy to use, uncomplicated single board computer with the most processing power for it's cost.

So lets compare CPU specs:

Speed:up to 33 Mhz50+MHz
Max RAM:1 MiBabout 16 MiB
CPU bits8up to 32
Estimated cost:about 50 USDabout 65 USD

The FPGA design is about 15$ more than a Z8S180 design.  The processing power difference is HUGE though.  Not only can an FPGA allow for a faster and bigger processor, it can handle all the glue logic and many peripherals.  Also, the FPGA can have a bigger address bus, so it can be upgraded further.

These price estimates assume the following about the produced SBC:

We decided to go with the FPGA because the greater processing power is awesome.