Prague Maker Faire

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Create 3D printing filament from PET flakes. Bottle → Flakes → FILAMENT → 3D Printing

PETMAT z.ú.PETMAT z.ú. 06/23/2018 at 09:470 Comments

On the 23rd of june we are showing our filament maker on PETMAT's stand.
It's the occasion to discuss and exchange about this project.


Before the offcial oppening

We prepared the stand.
We met fas83 who also work on this kind of machine.

During the morning
People demonstrated an interest to our machine and ask us if it's possible to buy our filament. For now we buy b-pet filament from Argentina.

Prague Maker Faire


We did get other contacts. We are glady suprised to met a lot of people interested in this project.

We think about organize a conference with the people we met!