First stator and rotor prototypes have arrived

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gregGreg 07/13/2018 at 00:440 Comments

Laen has designed a 16 magnet rotor to work with the original PCB stator.  He designed it in Fusion360 and cut it out on his laser in an afternoon.

The initial stator design, "Rev C", PCB has arrived from OSHPark. I need to test the performance of this design so I have an order of magnitude guess on what the design parameters should be for the next version.

The initial order of mechanical parts has arrived from McMaster-Carr.  Gluing the magnets into place and attaching the rotor to a shaft is easy, but I only bought 2-foot shafts, so its a bit unwieldy for a lab bench setup.  I am working on a 3D printed structure to hold the stator in place above the rotor. When that is done, I can do some initial tests of performance by turning the shaft by hand and measuring the resulting voltage across a known load.