Comparison My Cell versus Their Cell

A project log for Phytoplankton Power ! - Hybrid Microbial Fuel Cell

Turn home wastes like food scraps into sustainable electricity production. Using Anaerobic Nitrifying bacteria, Photoplankton and the sun!

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 07/13/2018 at 15:100 Comments

Not my video , but I wanted a direct comparison to other types of microbial fuel cells out there. This little guy produces .200 volts or 200 mv , which is not enough to power much as far as voltage goes , but if he made several cells and scaled them he could power an led perhaps. SO FAR with only a half cell we are getting 5 times with microbial cells voltage. When I tested both cells with a salt bridge I get 1.7 volts which is 8-9 times the voltage. Also the amount of volume required is about 1/10 this , so that could be a good thing.