Hacking Low Cost Ceramic for Membranes in Fuel cells

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Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 08/04/2018 at 22:130 Comments

So I have been doing a bit of reading on various materials. There have been studies conducted on earthenware membranes.  This was a clever suggestion from Mechanicus. Terra Cotta is one of these. Though I could spend lots of money on custom made film membranes, in the spirit of hackaday I need to HACK something that is both common , repeatable and effective. I believe earth based/ clay membranes would be much better as the cost is less than 10 percent that of a designer membrane from somewhere like for example.

36 dollars plus tax for 11 sq ft of  PEM / Cation Membrane material is a fantastically priced over the designer films good article related to my setup