3d model loaded into files.

A project log for Lily Power Pods, TEG + Concentrated Solar

Thermal Electric Generator from concentrated solar, designed to float in water, small scale power anywhere in the world.

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 07/14/2018 at 19:000 Comments

I am loading the 3d model into the files and even making a version with the cutouts for the heatsink and heat conductor already in the print. I needed to draw a beefy float to keep the flower above was as well that can also be 3d printed if you do not have 2 inch thick foam available for this project. The black box represents the heat conductor. I am considering using many copper 12 gauge wires in a bundle as the collector , but they will not be as good as a solid block, so this is a decision between look s versus performance. If you repeat my project this is a choice you will need to make yourself. The bottom box represents the CPU heatpipe cooler to handle the cold side of the TEG.