Forgotten files

A project log for The 2200 DVD archive robot

Where optical disks created from 1997-2010 were stored.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 07/04/2018 at 21:570 Comments

It's surprising how many videos the lion kingdom has no memory of recording.  In most cases, lions can remember making a video on an invention, but nothing about how the invention was made.  It's a case of lion intelligence being augmented by machines.

In this case, it was a forgotten 2 way serial port.  It sent data over 72Mhz & received data over the audio channel of a 2.4Ghz cam.  The cheapest UART radios of the time were $40 & there was no such thing as editing config files on a phone & sending them over bluetooth.  72Mhz & 2.4Ghz couldn't operate simultaneously.  They needed a 1/2 second delay between sending over 72Mhz & receiving over 2.4Ghz.  It took a piece of heroic PIC assembly language to make it transparent to the user.  It was never used.