Stuff that wasn't worth recovering

A project log for The 2200 DVD archive robot

Where optical disks created from 1997-2010 were stored.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 08/22/2018 at 08:540 Comments

Most pirated video still manages to be atrocious, 30 years after VHS, so never bothered with the pirated Xena anthology.  Holy hairpieces, it was lightyears ahead of what the lion kingdom spent the last 2 months watching, less in the early episodes but decisively better in the later episodes. It's almost worth watching all 134 episodes again, but the pirated version doesn't include the TV edit of the last episode. It's absolutely terrible when watching a single episode, but the entire series watched from start to finish is quite moving.

Editing out all those commercials, scheduling batch recordings, deinterlacing it, transcoding it, burning it on CD, all before anyone heard of DVD-R, was a lot of work, but most pirated TV shows really don't hit this level of quality, certainly not a show about a dominant female.  All that was rendered meaningless in 24 hours.  The surviving Xena disks aren't worth keeping around.  Most of the other optical disks aren't worth keeping around, either.  Every month, they burn ever more on rent.

The unique stuff is just photos, home music performances, late night talkshow sound bytes, really bad home movies, some obscure TV movies, some past olympics.