Last tests before final

A project log for mWessenger

A device, for RF-energy harvesting, particularly when sticked to microwave-oven window

juristJurist 10/22/2018 at 07:490 Comments

Before proceeding to final video, let's "arrange all dots above all "i" letters", as we say in Latvia, because any result - whether positive or negative, still is the result.

Week ago I've received all components and PCBs, required to make energy harvester, based on ADP5091 chip.

This time there were no problems with launching all circuits - everything worked with first attempt, even no debugging was required :)

The good news are: as expected, ADP5091 shows much better performance than LTC3108 IC (the last one is described in some previous logs)

However... the bad news are: efficiency of ADP still is not enough for our application =(

when 1000uF capacitor, charged to 1V (equivalent to 30s of operation of mW-oven with glass of water and detector-PCBA) is placed at input of PCBA, measured voltage at output rises significantly (up to 1.5-2 volts), but this is not enough even to start up the BLE module. I even don't speak about it's MCU intialization sequence and sending messages...

So... At the moment we see, that the only successful outcome of this project is more techno-art-like - the detector-PCB with LED, which glows, when some radiation gets behind the oven's shielding.