Assembled Circuit

A project log for Indoor Light Charged Power Supply

Open source, easy-to-build Power supply charged by ambient indoor light to power low power micro-controller projects and an external device.

DennisDennis 07/11/2018 at 02:150 Comments

Here is an assembled circuit on a perfboard.  The circuit is a very simple design to make it easy for anyone to copy in their own projects.  Seven schottky diodes, a 4 Farad Super capacitor and a 3000 uF capacitor, along with the solar cells, is all that is needed.

Below is a picture of the assembled unit.  Not too pretty, but good enough to test the concept.

Next, set the Indoor Light Charged Power supply aside and let it charge. The initial charge time will take a while, but after charging it should be able to power a low power micro-controller easily, and the 3000 uF capacitor should be able to recharge in a few seconds.  After several hours of ambient room light, the Indoor Light Charged Power supply's super capacitor is up to 880 mV, it should build up to 2 volts before use. This will take a while.