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A project log for Multiwind

A modular system for multimodal hands-free music control, wind instrument development and general human computer interaction.

Chris GrahamChris Graham 07/09/2018 at 14:031 Comment

Updated 3D model with some new design ideas:

Updated the PCB design to accommodate the new ideas.  Also added jumpers to allow the Grove connector to be used for either I2C or serial.  I suspect that serial connection to finger units may be easier to develop and more reliable than I2C.  This would require that a finger unit have it's own Teensy processor to adapt the serial protocol to various sensors but it should be easy to design a finger unit board with a Teensy, serial connection to the mouthpiece plus I2C or other ports for a variety of sensors.  The plan would be to develop a human readable ASCII serial command language to allow mouthpieces to interact with finger units and for data transfer.  There would be the overhead of converting data to ASCII but the Teensy 3.2 should be powerful enough to handle it.  Flow control would be an issue but I think a high enough data rate could be maintained without the need for flow control.  A mouthpiece with a serial interface might also allow it to communicate with a host computer over an FTDI dongle, which would be nice for debugging and might be a nice way to bypass midi to give packages like Max/MSP access to the raw data.  Here are some images of the PCB I just ordered:

The PCBs should get here next week.  I'll report back on the results when I build and test the new version.


J. M. Hopkins wrote 07/13/2018 at 02:45 point

The blade is an interesting concept. Look forward to seeing more with it.  OLED is a good choice too.

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