6/22 - Brainstorming a New Project

A project log for Power Generation Modules

Modular power generation system for powering and charging small electronic devices

Cole BCole B 07/10/2018 at 19:490 Comments

Today we brainstormed new project ideas. We settled on creating a modular device that could simultaneously harvest power from a variety of sources. We are planning to make the device about the size of a large water bottle when collapsed so that it is easily transported. We then brainstormed the different modules that we would want to create. Some of the possibilities we brainstormed for power generation include a wind turbine, a water turbine, photovoltaic panels, CSP panels, Peltier modules heated using fire, and a hand crank. In addition, we decided to create a lantern module and a battery module to store power until it is needed. We also began creating a CAD model of the module connection system.