7/5 - Hand Crank and Wind Turbine Assembly

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Modular power generation system for powering and charging small electronic devices

Automata-DevelopmentAutomata-Development 07/11/2018 at 02:250 Comments

Today we worked on assembling the wind turbine and hand crank modules. The hand crank works very well, however the 3D printed crank handle broke during testing so we will need to fabricate a new handle out of aluminum to replace it before our next meeting. We also began assembling the wind turbine today. We decided to make the blades out of paper and only 3D print the hubs to reduce weight. However, the motor we ordered to generate power from the turbine has more resistance than expected, so it is unclear if the wind will be able to turn it. As we still need to make the turbine blades out of paper we were unable to test the turbine today. Additionally, we began work on the lantern module and finished sanding and painting the water turbine.