Atmega as I2C slave

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A new way of thinking to a IOT thermostat:

NicolòNicolò 10/23/2018 at 19:260 Comments

As I have already said, Atmega allows communication with the various modules installed on the baseboard.

The functions of the chip are:

My current aim is to emulate a simplified version of a pcf8574 and a MAX3107 so as to be able to easily adapt the linux drivers already present in the mainline.

While for the emulation of the PCF8574 I already have a working draft of the code (with the exception of the interrupt on the GPIO) the work for the serial bridge is more complex also because of the Arduino core.

In the last period I'm working on the functionality of serial bridge. I'm working on both the code and the documentation. I then decided to uplaod a draft of my registers map for my serial bridge.