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A project log for FCThermostat: Another overengeneered IOT device

A new way of thinking to a IOT thermostat:

NicolòNicolò 01/13/2019 at 07:260 Comments

Although I have ordered PCBs several months ago, they have only been delivered this week!

I have no idea how they managed to pack together all this stuff. I had to split it up into 3 different boxes after opening the package!

The boards quality looks good to me!

So I proceeded to assemble the Baseboard, everything went smoothly. The Phoenix connector fits perfectly, I had to move some connectors but in this way I got:

As already mentioned, reducing the size has also caused some boredom on other boards. One of these is the programming card.

The latter has been updated to have a USB / Serial adapter so as to reprogram the Atmega 328p on the fly.

In addition to serial programming, the programming module has pogo-pins to write the bootloader to the MCU.

The board works perfectly, pity for a small mistake: I have not moved the pogo pin pads after resizing the baseboard, this translates into having the pins diagonally. (The important thing is that it works)

NB-IOT, the module is assembled, AT commands the SIM7020 module responds correctly but I can not connect to a network. I'm looking for information at local TLC to understand if I need a particular sim.

The board itself with the SIM800C should work perfectly! (I have not yet been able to assemble one)

The final result: